The Kit – Mini Kid’s First Aid Kit




This on-the-go first aid kit has been designed and created by a Mom-Doc with years of accident and emergency experience. Each kit contains a range of thoughtfully selected first aid items geared towards common childhood injuries. This kit is small in size and perfect for any nappy or handbag.

The MiniKit comes with a First Aid Pocket Guide that includes simple, easy steps to follow for most childhood accidents and emergencies. Each Kit includes:

(2) Pairs of gloves (latex-free)
(1) Hand disinfectant
(2) First aid dressing
(1) Conforming bandage
(1) Triangular bandage
(1) Sterile gauze
(1) Sterile dressing pad
(12) Assorted plasters
(1) Burn gel
(1) Burn dressing
(4) Cotton buds
(1) Antiseptic solution
(2) Antiseptic cream
(1) First aid scissors
(1) Metal tweezers
(1) Adhesive tape
(1) Thermometer strip
(1) Syringe (5ml)
(3) Reward stickers
(1) Basic First Aid Pocket Guide


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