Event Medical Cover

St John Ambulance has an infrastructure design based on years of success providing top-class medical coverage for a multitude of public and private events. St John Ambulance can supply a tailor-made and dynamic strategy to suit your event specifically ensuring client and organiser satisfaction.

Be it an hour-long musical rehearsal or a rugby festival that spans over a week, St John Ambulance can provide a multitude of medical professionals, ambulance services and medical posts to ensure quality, first-world treatment and event coverage adhering to a national and global standard of care.

St John Ambulance can be seen at all sorts of sporting events ranging from small scale community events (any event below 500 people), medium-sized events (1000 – 3000 people) such as cycle races and large events (any event above 5000 people) such as the Two Oceans Marathon, the Comrades Marathon, Cape Town Cycle Tour, Ironman, Durban July and many more.

Our event team, consisting of professionals in event management, logistics and emergency medical healthcare boast years of experience in their respective fields and can guarantee professional and adaptable medical management of your event.