Our mission & values


Pro Fide – Pro Utilitate Hominum

For the Faith and in the Service of Humanity

St John promotes physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. That is the vocation we share and we will build an enduring community in which all its members can find purpose and enjoyment. It is built on our motto and our mission “Pro Fide (for the faith), Pro Utilitate Hominum (in the service of humanity)” and embodies the Christian principles of our founders.

St John is an international family of charities whose mission is to lead globally in First Aid and medical responses to community healthcare needs.

Together to enhance the reach and effectiveness of St John globally through focus on the two aspects of its Motto.

To encourage all that makes for the spiritual and moral strengthening of humanity;

To encourage and promote all the work of humanity and charity for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering or danger without distinction of race, class or religion; and

To render aid to the sick, wounded, disabled or suffering.

Our first four values are based upon our view of human need, in which we promote physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being, guided and inspired by the Christian principles of our founders: Respect, Unselfishness, Excellence, Openness and transparency

Our next four values are concerned with how we behave within St John, building an enduring community with a shared vocation based on timeless principles of virtue and honour: Devotion, Togetherness, Diversity and inclusiveness, Faithfulness




Showing respect and loving kindness for all humanity Everyone, no matter their age, gender, race, creed, political affiliation or national identity, or what they may have done, will receive loving kindness from St John without discrimination.


Selflessly helping those in greatest physical, mental and spiritual need without judgment, and building their resilience We will put the needs of others before ourselves, working for stronger communities. Our first four values are based upon our view of human need, in which we promote physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being, guided and inspired by the Christian principles of our founders.


Delivering modern care to a high standard, with a clear focus on impact and efficiency All those involved in delivery will keep up to date with the latest standards and all our services will be delivered with compassion, to the highest level, ensuring those in most need get the care they require.

Openness and transparency

Committing to openness and transparency so that we become a learning organisation We will seek to learn from each other. We will share the things that go well, so they can be used by all. We will also be open and honest about our mistakes, so we can all learn and improve for the future.


Building a spiritual home for ourselves and future generations, where all can find fulfilment and meaning through a shared devotion to helping others As members of St John we seek to ensure that everyone feels part of one community, devoted to our mission while providing support to each other and to future generations.


Working to create a sense of one family of St John by strengthening and bringing together our many locally-led organisations around a common vision and common values Based across the world and mainly in the Commonwealth, we endeavour to help and support the one family of St John.


Embracing diversity and inclusiveness to support our common purpose, respecting our differences and accepting those of all faiths and none, whilst confident in our Christian roots and traditions

Everyone should feel included in our St John family.