Traditionally 24 June is the celebration of St John the Baptist, to whom the Order of St John – one of the oldest NGOs in the world - is dedicated.

St John’s Day has been celebrated on June 24 since the fourth Century. It was created by the Catholic Church to honour the birth of the forerunner to Jesus Christ, St John the Baptist, who is said to be born six months before Jesus.

St John is the Patron Saint of Love. Loyalty, Friendship…. and Authors.

We honour St John the Baptist on the anniversary of his birth. To mark the day, thousands of St John volunteers, staff, and members of the Order around the world to highlight and celebrate the global work of St John.

It is also the date when St John Ambulance and Eye Care in Durban, moved to its new premises in 129 KE Masiga Rd / Old Fort Road, in 1955. 

The Denis Hurley Centre homeless book project, Street Lit, works out of the St John building in Durban. As St John is also Patron Saint of Authors, the Street Lit team join in the celebrations of St John. Pictured are Street Lit vendors and St John staffers celebrating St John.

The Chancellor's Lunch

Bryanston Country Club | 23-06-2024

Written by Illa Thompson