St John Cyclist First Aid Kit


Securely strapped to your bike frame, this compact kit ensures easy access in the event of accidents or falls during rides. Packed with a curated selection of first aid supplies, it equips you and your teammates to swiftly address minor injuries and emergencies on the trail or road.



Inside this kit:

  • 1x Conforming Bandage – 75 x 4.5
  • 1x Conforming Bandage – 50 x 4.5
  • 1x Cotton Wool Balls 50g
  • 1x Eye Tears – 5s
  • 1x Eye Bath
  • 1x Vinyl gloves – medium
  • 1x Safety Pins 12s
  • 1x Triangular Bandage – disposable
  • 1x Plaster Strips 10s – 19 x 72
  • 1x Antiseptic Cream – Cetrimide 25g
  • 1x Conforming Bandage – 50 x 4.5


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